Monthly Archives: September 2015

Ultimate Dhammapada

The Theravada Tipitaka Press has recently released a new book in their series of bilingual Pali primers. In case you are unfamiliar with the concept: In South-East Asia traditionally to learn the “sacred” language of the Buddha beginning students would…

End of Suffering – The Great Bell Chant

One of the most wonderful spiritual videos that I’ve seen in the last 5 years of awakening, including the deepest universal message of the Creation and the cosmos, A balsam for the connected human soul with wonderful visions of Mother…


Zhiyi and Bodhidharma

There is a beautiful translation of the Mohechikuang available. The translation was done by Bhikkhu Dhammapala who was also working on the Gandhara texts some time. In case you don’t know who Zhiyi was, here a little Buddhist history: A contemporary of…


Walking towards freedom

Here is a very beautiful description by the Buddha on the progressive stages a meditator goes through until he realizes Nirvana. It sheds some additional light on the progress of insight meditation which the later commentary literature called “insight-knowledges” or “vipassana nyana”….