Sabbe sankhara anicca

With deepest gratitude to Menyan Vahanse, Meetirigala for all the amazing teachings she has given. Her devotion to the Buddha’s message and compassion for all  living beings was unrivaled. Her meditation experience and insight were out of this world.

May she continue her blessed work in the realm she has moved on to. You will always remain an inspiration to us.

‘‘Aniccā vata saṅkhārā, uppādavayadhammino;
Uppajjitvā nirujjhanti, tesaṃ vūpasamo sukho’’ti.

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  1. Dear Theravadin,

    Perhaps you could tell me who this lady was? That you mention “Meetirigala” makes me think that she has at least some kind of relation to Nissarana Vanaya. Am I misstaken in that respect?

    My very best regards to you!

  2. theravadin

    Dear Writer 😉

    She was one of the closest meditation students of late Ven. Matara Nyanarama. In fact she was trained by him, especially in the jhana meditation and later opened up a nunnery and women meditation center close to Nissarana Vanaya convinced that more women in Sri Lanka should have the opportunity of practicing meditation intensively and especially under the guidance of a meditation master as Ven. Nyanarama.

    Up to her last minute she spent every waking hour for the Buddha’s teaching, giving meditation instructions, establishing successful meditation centers (which were run in all quietness, she never believed in making her work known to anyone besides those “karmic related friends” who would cross her path.

    If you happen to travel to Sri Lanka, you can still meet her students and friends, they run two or three meditation places in Meetirigala and Anuradhapura.

    Personally I learnt from her a lot about meditation during a three year retreat in Sri Lanka.

    Thanks for your kind inquiry. Metta, a theravadin

  3. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if this is the same place that was gracefully donated by one Mr. veragala? if so could you tell me how I could contact them please ? (address, tel, email, etc)

    thanks for your reply

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