Buddhist Christian?

Buddhist Channel had an article today about the topic of Buddhist Christians or Christian Buddhists having to practice in secrecy :-). Well, they do not fear angry Buddhists but somehow their own Christian fellow-believers. Why is that? Monotheistic wrath? 😉

What Meadow will explain to her critics — at least the ones who do her the courtesy of letting her respond — is that there’s a distinction between Buddhism as religion and Buddhism as a meditation technique. One is a belief system; she doesn’t teach that. The other, the one she focuses on, is a process.


I wonder what that “Buddhist belief system” could be? 🙂 Maybe this
or this:

Do good, Avoid evil, purify your mind. This is the teaching of the Buddhas. Dhp. 183


…coming closer. How about this definition of “a Buddhist belief system” (Brahmajala Sutta, DN 1.):

But of these views, monks, the Tathagata knows that arriving at such views, holding such views, believing such views, trusting such views will have such and such a consequence in terms of rebirth in the hereafter. This and much more the Tathagata is able to see, for he knows as it really is the coming to be and the passing away of sense experience, the satisfaction of sense experience and the way of escape from sense experience.


And because he does not cling to what he sees he is detached and he experiences for himself the peace of utter freedom.

These are advanced things, monks, matters that are deep, difficult to see, difficult to grasp, subtle, leading one who follows to tranquility and the sublime; things not to be arrived at by mere logic and reasoning, comprehensible only by the wise. These, monks, are the things the Tathagata teaches, having seen them for himself. These are the things which should be spoken of by one when he speaks in praise of the Tathagata.

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  1. Hahaha… I had that kind of experience in the past, too. While I know that some priests do practice meditation, yet some people insist that you should do it the ‘Christian way’ (read: invoke Jesus instead of Hare Kreshna).

    You have great blog, I hope you don’t mind that I put it in my blogwalking.

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