Chattamanavaka Gatha

Sappuriso ca kho, bhikkhave, kataññū hoti katavedī. Sabbhi hetaṃ, bhikkhave, upaññātaṃ yadidaṃkataññutā kataveditā. Kevalā esā, bhikkhave, sappurisabhūmi yadidaṃ kataññutā kataveditā’’ti.

Katannu – Sutta, AN

Just wanted to say “thank you” to all of you who came and shared time with me. Hope the next 10,000 visitors will find even more interesting and helpful observations.

Chattamāṇavaka from the Vimānavatthu


‘‘Ye vadataṃ pavaro manujesu, sakyamunī bhagavā katakicco;

Pāragato balavīriyasamaṅgī, taṃ sugataṃ saraṇatthamupehi.


‘‘Rāgavirāgamanejamasokaṃ, dhammamasaṅkhatamappaṭikūlaṃ;

Madhuramimaṃ paguṇaṃ suvibhattaṃ, dhammamimaṃ saraṇatthamupehi.


‘‘Yattha ca dinna mahapphalamāhu, catūsu sucīsu purisayugesu;

Aṭṭha ca puggaladhammadasā te, saṅghamimaṃ saraṇatthamupehi.

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(Visharad Srima Ratnayake)


Who, born amongst man is best of all,

The sage of the sakyas, the Blessed One, who did what had to be done,

Who has gone beyond all with strongest effort

To the Welcome One take your refuge

The teaching unconditioned most agreeable

Leading to the fading away of desire, to stillness and freedom of despair,

sweet and subtle and well proclaimed,

To this Teaching take your refuge

Where the gift given reaps great benefit as they say,

To the four pairs of purest beings,

And to the eight types of people who see the truth clearly,

To this community take your refuge

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